La Case à Pizza

Enhancing Culinary Delights: La Case à Pizza's Digital Transformation Journey

La Case à Pizza" faced the challenge of modernizing its service and image while preserving its well-known name and local reputation. The goal was to optimize order-taking processes, which were confined to phone calls within limited hours, and refresh the brand's visual identity to reflect a more contemporary and vibrant image

Client Background and Challenge

My solution

  • Brand Revitalization: We introduced a new graphic guidelines that retained the pizzeria’s name but infused it with a modern, fun logo, Italy’s vibrant colors, a mix of rounded shapes and angles, slanted elements, and modern yet neo-retro typography. Custom-drawn bicolor icons and a unique pattern further established the brand’s distinctive identity.
  • Engaging Copy: The website’s content was crafted to entice and transport visitors, emphasizing the freshness and quality of ingredients, the generosity of the pizzas, and the team’s passion and cheerfulness.
  • Online Menu and Ordering: A filterable online menu allows customers to easily find pizzas based on toppings. Each pizza has its own page for online ordering, offering customization options and specific instructions for the pizzaiola. A monthly special crafted by the pizzaiola is also highlighted.
  • Innovative Click & Collect System: A bespoke click & collect system enables customers to select their pickup time, while allowing the pizzaiola to manage order slots based on their capacity, effectively balancing demand and operational feasibility.
  • SEO Optimization: Focused long-term SEO efforts have positioned the pizzeria at the top of local search results for targeted keywords, significantly enhancing online visibility.
  • Email Marketing Integration: Direct linkage with an email marketing system enables efficient communication with the pizzeria’s contact base, fostering customer engagement and repeat business.
The digital transformation of La Case à Pizza exemplifies the seamless integration of tradition and innovation, showcasing how digital tools and a fresh brand identity can revitalize a local business. By enhancing online user experience, optimizing operational efficiencies, and leveraging SEO, La Case à Pizza not only preserved its cherished local reputation but also set a new standard for service excellence in the digital age.
Le nouveau style est trop beau ! Et en plus nous avons réduit les appels téléphoniques de 15% et augmenté les ventes de 7%... parfait.