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Digital Communication Strategy

MEF74, a vibrant community association, faced significant limitations with their old online platform. The system offered no flexibility beyond basic blog articles, encased in a rigid and outdated design. Moreover, MEF74's visibility on Google was suboptimal, and the organization sought a more sophisticated system to distribute information and access rights based on the member's roles within the association.

Client Background and Challenge

My approach was to develop a fully customized WordPress site, addressing the unique needs of MEF74’s diverse audience segments:

  • Dynamic Content Delivery: Tailoring information visibility based on user roles—visitors, logged-in members, outing organizers, and administrators—ensuring relevant content reaches the right audience.
  • Advanced Customization and Interactivity: Implementing a bespoke login and account management system, especially for outing organizers, allowing them to easily add and modify event details. A coordinator feature enables the reorganization of outing dates based on private instructions, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Exclusive Member Access: Securing sensitive details like meetup locations and contact information, accessible only to authenticated members, thereby fostering a secure community environment.
  • Innovative Listing Views: Offering two cumulative, filterable views for event listings, significantly enriching the user experience. On one hand, a summary list, akin to an Excel spreadsheet, provides an overview and easy printing option, catering to selection and organization needs. On the other, a visual vignette view presents events in a visually engaging manner, including past outings with their reports and photos, offering detailed insights and an immersive overview. Advanced filters allow for a highly customized search, enabling users to filter outings not only by type of hike, such as wellness walks or Nordic walking, but also by walking distance, elevation gain, difficulty level, and dates. This feature of category-based and cumulative filters greatly simplifies the discovery of outings suited to each member, thus promoting a highly personalized and interactive user experience.
  • Simplified Back-end Management: A centralized custom management area for administrators to easily update site elements without delving into page builders or templates. An integrated document library ensures that any document update automatically reflects across all site links, streamlining content management.
  • SEO Optimization and Mobile Responsiveness: Achieving a perfect score on Google PageSpeed Insights through meticulous SEO strategies and a mobile-friendly design, significantly boosting MEF74’s online visibility and user engagement.

The transformation of MEF74's digital platform epitomizes the power of tailored digital communication strategies in enhancing organizational visibility, engagement, and operational efficiency. By leveraging custom WordPress development and SEO best practices, we delivered a solution that not only meets MEF74's current needs but also provides the flexibility to evolve with future demands. This project underscores our commitment to delivering bespoke digital solutions that empower our clients to achieve their communication and engagement objectives.
Romain à été attentif même depuis l'Ukraine et à fait un travail qui va au de la de nos attentes !